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Welcome To Swimm's Knowledge Portal!

Hello, and welcome to Swimm! We're glad you're here and we're here to help you get the most out of using Swimm to keep your documentation up-to-date and in lock-step sync with your code. Swimm is a rapidly-evolving tool, so we recommend checking back here weekly with each new release. If you're not already in our private beta program and wish to join, you can sign up here. There aren't any sales calls, we just need to give you a guided tour of Swimm because some parts are still a little rough around the edges.

We're Available To Help!

If you have any difficulty with anything mentioned in this portal, there are several ways to reach us. Reach out to us, we're here to help!

Your First Laps Around The Pool#

Before you do anything else, we recommend that you do the following things (don't worry, they won't take long!):

  • Join our friendly, low-volume Slack community. This is a great resource to get help from other Swimmers, lifeguards, and folks that work at Swimm.
  • Install one of our IDE plugins to enable showing beacons where Swimm documentation exists that can be used to open Swimm and jump right into that area of your documentation. Right now, we support VSCode with other popular IDEs in the works.
  • Follow us on Twitter and / or LinkedIn for updates and special opportunities to connect with us.

At Swimm, we believe that documentation should be continuous, be narrated in a way that makes it easy to read, and to accomplish that, it must also be easy to produce and be kept up-to-date. Swimm is a rapidly-evolving product that is driven by the desire to make the whole process of documentation as frictionless as possible; we very much value any feedback that you have, features that you'd like to see, and letting your colleagues and friends know about the product! There are multiple ways to reach us, so please don't hesitate!

We've done our best to put any information one might need for day-to-day use in this documentation portal, but this is only one way that we're here to support you - if you find yourself struggling, please reach out to us at any time and we'll make sure you get the help that you need.

Contributing To This Knowledge Portal#

This knowledgebase is maintained by Swimm's staff & developers, as well as users that share awesome tips and ideas for integrating Swimm in a variety of development environments. This website, itself, is open source - you can fork this portal on Github and send a pull request if you'd like to contribute something.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Make sure extraneous spaces and newlines are trimmed
  • Submit new tutorials as a document in the Tutorials section. Make sure you give yourself credit in the tutorial by including a link to your website / Linktree / etc. Please try to avoid the use of URL shortners.
  • Include the appropriate sign-off in the commit (e.g. Signed-off-by: Jane Smith <>)
  • Choose a descriptive title, and explain the outcome of the tutorial in the first paragraph.
Use Swimm To Learn How To Contribute

The source code for this portal is documented using Swimm! If you drop into our Slack channel, we'll add you to our public workspace. You might also find the Docusaurus markdown style guide useful for pulling in styled components and features.

Ready, Set, Swimm!