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Swimm's CLI Utilities

If you have not yet done so, we highly recommend reading our entry on Continuous Integration. Many of Swimm's command line tools are there to alert you of things that need attention, and we highly recommend that you run these things through your CI server or at the pre-commit stage.

We'll run through the available commands here for reference, which you'll see used in a few other sections as well as tutorials.

Verifying Documentation As Current:#

Command (run in the root of the repository)Description / Use Case
swimm verifyIterates through created documentation and explains any problems encountered. Exits with non-zero status if problems are present. This is the most useful command to run on the CI server or at pre-commit
swimm coverageProduces a score of 0.00 to 100 indicating the documentation coverage by identifying source files that are relevant to documentation, and the number that are actually documented. Useful to be alerted if a large commit would introduce a lot of stuff that isn't yet documented.

Exporting Documentation To Other Documentation Hubs#

Command (run in the root of the repository)Description / Use Case
swimm exportExport your Swimm documents to markdown, with a variety of special metadata support. Docusaurus, Boogie, Notion and others. Type swimm export --help for a full list, here's a more in-depth tutorial on things you can do with swimm export to automate updating documentation in multiple places.

Troubleshooting Options#

Command (run in the root of the repository)Description / Use Case
swimm statusShows Swimm's understanding of the current repository, and prints some back-end tokens. This command is primarily for our support engineers to help you diagnose common problems remotely. You're free to play with it, but the output is always subject to change.
swimm logLoads the last few entries in the log, and displays more as they're written (similar to tail -f /var/log/log.txt). Our support engineers may ask you for the output of this command to help you diagnose problems remotely.

Exercise Options#

If you'd like to use Swimm exercises, reach out to us via the help menu below and let us know. The feature is available, but requires a brief setup primer from us.

Other Options#

Command (run in the root of the repository)Description / Use Case
swimm install [repo URL]A shortcut to clone a repo and select a destination workspace. You may receive in-app guidance to run this command for repositories that exist in your team's workspace but not yet locally on your machine.

A Final Note About CLI Options#

You can always run swimm help [command] to get more detail about any command. If you're unsure about a command, feel free to reach out to us via Slack Connect or the community channels to ask. While we always try our best to avoid breaking changes, we're still in private beta, so there might be some settling there. If you regularly use commands other than swimm verfiy, swimm coverage and swimm export - let us know so we're aware of the use case.